So as you know for the past year or so I have been undertaking training with a personal trainer. I have done circuits and weights and tabata and strength training and all sorts of stuff I never even imagined I could do.

But when I fell pregnant, as well as continuing with the strength training I knew I wanted to try aquanatal. In my last pregnancy I suffered a lot of headaches, rubbish posture etc and I really wanted to try aquanatal but could only find a class that was on a weekday at 11am (no good for a full time teacher!)

So I was delighted this time that the company that runs Imogen’s swimming lessons, Puddleducks, now offer aquanatal on a Saturday. So I booked myself in.


It is a very different style of exercise to what I have been doing for the past year. I am used to exercise that makes me sweat, feel nauseous and even cry haha and although Jason has toned down what I am doing a hell of a lot I still feel like I have worked out.

Aquanatal is more gentle and dare I say it, ladylike! I certainly don’t feel the need to moan & groan and eff & jeff! There was some light aerobic exercises, stretching, breathing etc. In terms of my fitness I was surprised that I didn’t feel puffed out, this time last year that would have definitely challenged me! But I guess that is testament to all the work I have done with Jason this past year. But I did find it very relaxing, enjoyable and it was nice to do some gentle exercise, something which I know will be doing me good but without pushing me too hard. I can definitely see how I will need this in addition to what I do in the gym, particularly as I bigger!

It was also nice to exercise with other pregnant women, sometimes in the gym as a pregnant woman you can feel quite self-conscious and alone (even with a trainer with you for instruction and support!). Everyone else is there with the intention of smashing it (well most people, well some people!) but during pregnancy the focus is very different, strengthening muscles and maintaining what you have developed rather than smashing the crap out of some circuits. So the opportunity to exercise with those in the same physical situation as you is nice, it feels very safe.

For me there is definitely a place for strength training and aquanatal during this pregnancy. I am really enjoying both.

Feel so much better for doing some exercise this week.

H x

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