Acting your age and sweaty ass prints…

So today I had my 2nd gym session this week. One thing struck me on the way home, exercise makes me feel younger. A number have people have commented that me losing weight has taken years off me. They felt that I looked a good 10 years older than I was but that losing the weight and exercising has in some way rectified this. I can’t really see this in myself. BUT what I did notice today is how much younger I feel when I have been exercising. The past 8 weeks of zero gym have seen me feel sluggish, tired, lethargic and well, old! But just 2 sessions in the gym I feel more “zingy”, more alert and definitely less lethargic. Ok I still feel tired (but I think that is just work getting in the way of life!) but I definitely feel “younger”. So in my eyes, exercise keeps you young (or at least feeling young!)

Today we tried dumbbell rows again but Jason asked me to adapt it slightly by putting my fat backside against the wall. I find dumbbell rows tricky, getting the position right is hard going, especially when I am trying to figure out where my centre of gravity is and how my ever expanding stomach is supposed to fit. But the most horrific part of doing dumbbell rows against the wall? The walls in the gym are actually mirrors. Which after a few circuits of squats, sumo deadlifts, pushups, TRX pullups etc meant I left my mark on the mirrors in the form of a massive sweaty ass print! #awkward! So I apologise to the staff at DW who will need to give the mirrors an extra polish tonight!

H x

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