Exercising with a bump…

So yesterday was the first session back in the gym after my little break.

I was nervous. I tell you what it felt like, it felt like it did in May last year, when I had been working with Jason for a few months but I was still scared of pain, still scared of pushing myself etc It was very weird. Looking in the mirrors was strange as well. I realised I don’t actually have any full length mirrors in my house so this is the first time I have seen myself full length in about 8 weeks. Some of it was clearly bambino bump, but the bit that shocked me was how wide my hips look now! I don’t remember ever having an issue with my hips before, my focus has always centered on my stomach, thighs, arse and double chin LOL So I was quite shocked to see myself and look at my hips and think, Christ they are really wide! (I am hoping that is mainly pregnancy related and not just because I am a fat cow!) I really noticed it when doing squats and sumo deadlifts. (watching yourself do squats is the most awkward thing ever!)

Exercising in front of a full length mirror is fascinating but also horrific too! haha

The other thing I noticed was how much stiffer all my muscles felt. The first few squats were a right effort!

I also noticed how my centre of gravity appears to be changing already. I found sumo squats, something I’ve done 100s of before really hard, I found it hard to get the right angle as the bump felt like it was in the way

IMG_4540 IMG_4536

I also found doing the Child’s pose really hard as I found I had to get my legs wider so the bump would fit haha. I remember this from when I have done antenatal yoga in the past, this was something that I also had issues with post pregnancy because my tummy would get in the way. Having lost weight I’ve not had too much of a problem with it recently until now!

I slept really well last night, right through till 5am, which is the best I’ve slept since Christmas! I’ve felt a lot more positive today and less stressed at work and I know this is because I went to the gym yesterday. Not going to lie though, I ache all over! Nothing terrible just my muscles moaning having not been used properly for a few weeks.

But it felt sooooooo good to be back and doing something. I never, ever thought I would ever feel like that about exercise!


H x

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