So. After a fair few weeks break, tomorrow I am finally back at the gym!

I am looking forward to it, be good to get off my fat arse and do something again. BUT I am nervous. I feel like it has been a long time, like I have clapped on some right weight. Before I got pregnant I was willing to push myself beyond what I thought my limits were. Now I am not sure what my limits are. I know they will have changed but I can’t judge it myself. I don’t want to push myself to something that is beyond me, I can’t risk this pregnancy but equally I want to push myself.

It is like new Helen (i.e. the one who has got a bit hooked on fitness!) is in a mental battle with pregnant Helen (the one who is petrified of every tiny little thing and wants to stay wrapped up in bubble wrap!)

Hoping I might look something like this. I suspect I will look like a big sweaty mess!
Hoping I might look something like this, I suspect I won’t!

It is weighing up the trust I have in my personal trainer against what society says I should be doing. I wonder how many comments I can expect to get about taking it easy!?

H x

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