Weight, BMI, Green Notes

Not going to lie, weight gain is a massive concern for me in this pregnancy right now.

I have spent the last year or so working hard to sort my weight, fitness and general health out. But, I think it is pretty much well documented in my previous post that I have had a little bit of a “relapse” in terms of healthy eating and that coupled with no gym is having an impact, physically and mentally.
I am still a stone under where I was when I got pregnant with Imogen and I’m 14 weeks in now BUT I can feel my weight creeping up.

Now before people start, yes I know I will gain weight. (I’m not totally daft!) Yes I know some of it will be bambino, some fluid etc BUT I am concerned at the rate at which my weight is going up. I look MASSIVE already and whilst I am not bothered about looking pregnant, I am worried about what that actually means. After all if this baby is a big’un at some point it has to come out!

I know what has set me off worrying. On Monday at my scan and antenatal appointment the doctor and midwife I spoke to said that Imogen was a big baby. Now she wasn’t teeny tiny but I thought at 8lb 11 she wasn’t too huge, I have certainly heard of a fair few babies bigger than that.

The midwife has encourage me to read my pregnancy notes.


There is a section about BMI. Now I know that a great many people do not hold much faith in the BMI system but it is what the NHS seem to still use. It says in there that any pregnant woman with a  BMI > 30 (at conception) is at risk.  Interestingly I calculated when I got pregnant with Imogen my BMI was 31.1. This time it was 26.7 so that made me feel a little happier even if BMI is a bit crap anyway.

Then I read in the notes that you shouldn’t put on more than about 11kg in a pregnancy. I’ve put about 6.5kg already!! This worries me, if I was half way through fair enough but Im not! ARGH!

I hope to god that getting back in the gym next week kickstarts my healthy lifestyle mindset again because I can’t go on like this! I am scared that I will be stacking up a whole load of problems for labour, petrified that if I end up with another Csection any extra weight will cause complications and absolutely cacking it that postnatally I will be back to square 1.

I didn’t think it would mentally be this hard this time. In my last pregnancy I didn’t give a sh1t about my weight. I enjoyed being pregnant and just ate what I wanted, when I wanted. I paid for it for the 3 years or so till I decided to get a grip and change my life though. I’ve worked hard this past year to sort myself out, I expected to just carry on with my healthy lifestyle, not to be continually battling my demons around food. And I swear to god if one more person points out how massive I am already I might actually crack them one 😡

H x

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