Things that happen when you don’t go to the gym for a bit

So I am at nearly 6 weeks of no gym related activities 😦 Gutted.

There are a few things that have happened since that enforced break.

1) My nutrition has gone right off the boil. I am an idiot. At a time when I need to be eating the best food I can to at least try and counteract the lack of gym I am slipping back in to old habits and eating shite 😦  For some bizarre reason I just can’t help myself. Its like I’ve gone on holiday from the gym and I am at an all inclusive hotel with zero willpower. This needs to stop

2) My thighs and arms are not as toned. As quickly as those muscles started to appear they are now disappearing 😦

3) My mental health is suffering. Tired, agitated, stressed. No outlet for it.

4) Boobs. A combo of crap food and no exercise means my boobs are getting bigger again. Some might argue this is a bonus. But now my bras don’t fit comfortably, the swimming costume I wore yesterday bordered on obscene and in my experience when my boobs look bigger, I just look fat. 

What has surprised me, is how quickly I have reverted to bad habits and how quickly my body has followed suit. Need to get a a serious grip of myself. Starting to some proper basic nutrition. Chicken and lentil curry for tea tonight it is then!

H x


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