Feeling agitated and on edge

So I’ve got about 2 & half weeks of this medically related embargo of going to the gym and it really is driving me insane!

I am missing it, a lot.

I am missing having an outlet for stress.

I am missing getting sweaty, feeling like I am going to vomit, feeling that weirdly comforting pain in my muscles as I work them hard and then feeling sore the next day. (sounds really delightful when you put it like that!)

I am missing focussing on health.

I am finding it increasingly difficult not to slip in to bad habits. I had momentum before Christmas and it feels like I am losing that momentum fast.

I can’t wait to get back in the gym, I can’t wait to start focussing again and pick my momentum up again.  I feel like one of those little wind up toys. As long as I keep winding up Im ok, but as soon as I stop winding I stop.

I feel uneasy, agitated and on edge. I need an outlet and fast. 😦

H x

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