Quinoa side dish with pine nuts and spring onions

The first time I tried cooking quinoa it was an unmitigated disaster. It was like frog spawn. Slimy and not very nice to eat at all.

But then I stumbled across this recipe. This recipe is absolutely delicious.  It works well as a side dish with poultry, fish and even steak.In the past I have also added chopped boiled egg and bacon to it and had it for breakfast. You can eat it hot or cold, it freezes and reheats well. I cook it with olive oil (mainly because I have no idea what canola oil is!) also I don’t put salt in it. I have made this with chicken stock but it does work with water if you don’t have chicken stock available.

Quinoa isn’t as heavy as rice. There is some debate about whether quinoa is paleo or not. It seems to come down to what your beliefs are about whether it is a legume/grain etc or not and whether you think they are allowed, it definitely seems to be open to interpretation. But it is perfectly ok if you are eating clean.



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