Decimation of all my hard work :(

It is fair to say I’ve had a rough couple of weeks one way or another and eating clean has not been my biggest priority. Which is daft really because it bloomin’ should be. Eating crap food does not help with all the other issues that have been going on. 

And if I’m being really honest the last few weeks I have slipped big style, back in to bad habits. I’ve been buying lunch at work (and lets face it, canteen food never seems to fall within the realms of eat clean or paleo!) I’ve been having takeaways, sugary treats. You name it, I’ve probably eaten it over the last 4 weeks.


I feel shocking. 

  1. I know I have put weight on
  2. I feel lethargic
  3. My attention span has shortened
  4. I feel teary and a bit crappy

Whilst I can’t attribute that all to food, I am pretty sure my crappy food intake isn’t helping either.

I am mad at myself. I KNOW what I need to do. I am not daft, I am intelligent woman, I know the basic rules of good nutrition. I know why good nutrition is important. 

But oh my god these last 4 weeks have been about surviving, just getting through the next day or the next week etc. I feel like I am sabotaging myself.

But enough is enough, time to take control again. This cannot continue. If I keep going at the rate I am going I will be back to where I was this time last year in about 2 months! Shocking.

So this next week is going to be about eating clean. Getting back to the basic principals I know. 

  • Fresh, lean, meat or fish
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Good quality fats
  • Nuts, seeds, berries etc
  • Water
  • Snacking every 2 hours

Get a grip!

H x


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