I <3 squats

I am not a big fan of mirrors. Mirrors generally are a bit too honest for my liking, bit of a problem really as the gym is full of them.

But today I was looking in the mirror and I noticed something. My arse or ass if you are American 😉 doesn’t look anywhere near as saggy as it used to! I still have a bit of work to do but I’d say it is looking more toned, more rounded, more lifted.

I am pretty certain that this change in my derrière (yes I had to Google how to spell that!) is down to squats.


Squats are something I do in various guises but are pretty consistently in my workout. I usually include bodyweight squats (i.e. squats with no weights) in my warm ups, they help loosen my hips up and get my thighs warmed up too. Oh and they apparently help your abs too.

Then in my workout at the minute I am using goblet squats (where you squat, holding a dumbbell up against your chest). I find these pretty hard going and I definitely know these work my abs as much as my legs and bum!

Sometimes I use the squat rack with a big massive heavy bar (tbf its probably not that heavy compared to what the big burly hairy men lift, but its heavy enough for me!) and again its all working my abs, bum, legs.

When I started I hadn’t even heard of a squat, let alone knew how to do one properly. It has taken a bit of practice to get it right but I can knock out the squats fairly consistently now. The general rule of thumb is look straight ahead, chest up, boobs out, bum out. If I repeat this in my head I seem to get it right.

Don’t get me wrong, squats, especially with weight behind them hurt, a lot! But I am pretty sure my slightly improved bottom can be attributed to squats, so therefore squats are my faves!

H x

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