Positive Mental Attitude!

For the past 2 weeks I haven’t had a positive mental attitude (PMA!).

My sessions in the gym have been very much needed to keep my mind occupied from other areas of my life BUT I haven’t felt my usual happy self. I’ve gone, I’ve done what I’ve needed to do but I’ve barely raised a smile.

So it got me thinking, have I lost my gym mojo? Am I finally losing interest?

Answer: No.

Things outside of the gym have been very stressful and I think that has overtaken how I feel about life in general, including the gym.  I do have a habit of wallowing when things are tough and I think it is clouding everything.

So today I am determined to go to the gym with a smile on my chops and smash through whatever circuit it is I am doing.

No more. It needs to stop, I need to get a grip of myself. Time to step up and get on with it.


H x

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