Isn’t it funny what becomes your non-negotiables!

Over the weekend I was looking at my finances. As a family we are hopefully going to make some changes which on the face of it might make us look like we have less money BUT long term those changes will actually mean we have more money. (I HOPE!)

So there we were sat huddled over a laptop with a spreadsheet going and logging all our income and expenditure. We went down the list seeing what expenditure we could ditch and what we need to keep.

And we got to two items on my list

  1. Gym Membership
  2. Personal Training Fees

“No way. Not ditching those costs. They are essential. They are non-negotiable. Forget it.”

Haha at what point did fitness become such a priority in my life? Such a priority that I would happily spend less on clothes, make up and other girly things? This time last year I was paying the local leisure centre £4 a go to go swimming. Eventually I justified that gym membership would be more cost effective.

And then in April I signed up with my personal trainer. I remember umming and ahhing for ages about the cost “ooh its a lot of money”, “can I justify it?”, “can I afford it?”, “I’ll do it for a month just to get started then ditch it”. But I didn’t ditch it. Somehow I managed to “find” the money, not really sure where, I must have been wasting a hell of a lot of cash!

I didn’t ditch the personal training or the gym and now I consider them essentials in my life, something I couldn’t possibly envisage not paying for now.

I’m not sure when the transition from luxury to essential happened. I can only think it was when I realised that it was having a profound impact on my health and that to me has become valuable.

Sure I know I could do fitness for free in the park or something (and if push came to shove I’d have to!) BUT the park is cold, wet and icy (at this time of year), full of pupils and therefore full of excuses not to go. The gym is warm (especially when they don’t seem to have the aircon on max), you can swim, have a sauna/jacuzzi afterwards, have a nice hot shower, take your time, you’re not restricted by it getting dark outside either. I’d rather sacrifice that new Radley bag or new item of clothing and pay for my fitness 🙂

So whatever the future holds money wise, fitness is now my non-negotiable.

H x

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