Things that make me smile

Every now and again I come across things to do with my weight that make me laugh/smile and remind me of how well Ive done but also how I want to keep going.

I have been to see my doctor today and whilst there he printed off my entire medical history. I’ve never seen it in print before. I was casually looking through it when I spotted an entry for 1st September 2009.

I remember this appointment as it was not long after I had found out I was pregnant with Imogen. I think I had gone to see my doctor (a different one to my lovely doctor now) because I was experiencing extreme morning sickness. I had been sick so hard it had come out my nose! I was really not a happy bunny. It was still the summer hols and I decided to go and just check this was normal (first pregnancy paranoia and all that!)

What I didn’t know is that my doctor made one single entry on to her records that day. In capital letters she had written “OBESE”!  So it made me chuckle this morning when I read it because I remember her “telling me off” for getting pregnant whilst still very overweight and telling me I should have waited. I remember that after 18 months of trying to get pregnant I didn’t particularly value her opinion.

That doctor did nothing to aid my weight loss. She just chastised me every time I went in. I can tell you, if you are a health professional this does not work, do you know what it did? Made me comfort eat and stick my head in the sand.

Not long after Imogen was born said doctor nearly  dropped Imogen and I moved practices. My new practice is amazing, supportive and caring. They too, especially the practice nurse, had broached my weight with me many times (but in a much more friendly and supportive way!). They even signed me up to free sessions at my local leisure centre and free slimming world sessions! Of course I was desperate to shift the weight but I know now I wasn’t ready. It was never going to work because I wasn’t ready to commit, I wasn’t ready to make the changes, let go of my comfort blanket and tackle the problem head on.

It has taken nearly 4 & 1/2 years for my to shift that weight and I am still not done (about another 2 stone to go I’d say but Im not focussing on that right now, for now its about health, nutrition and fitness!). It took for me to reach my tipping point in my own time. I actually don’t think the slimming world and a free leisure centre pass would work for my now either. Slimming world is just a whole heap of oddness, I know it works for some but not for me! And the people I encountered at the leisure centre were friendly enough but I was just another person on the NHS fatty program. They weren’t willing to invest their time in me.

So it makes me smile, that original doctor did nothing to help me, my current doctor tried but I wasn’t ready. But I got there in my own time, when I was ready to face it head on.

H x

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