I think I’ve entered a different mindset…

Back in April – September before a PT session with Jason I would feel very nervous. I’d feel a little unwell and my heart rate would go up and there would be a certain element of dread! Not in a bad way but a “oh my god, what will he want me to do today? Will I vomit, cry or possibly both?”

But it dawned on me today that I haven’t experienced that feeling for a while. Now some might say “maybe you have got stuck in a rut” or “maybe you’re not pushing yourself” but I  don’t think it is either of those things. We’re trying new stuff (stuff that is baking my brain, those kettlebell rows seriously nark me off!) and he’s asking me to do 15 reps of some things. A few months ago I would have balked at anything above 10 reps. Now I will do 15 when asked without even thinking about it. (except man press ups, they still freak me out!)

I think I’ve got to the point where I know something might hurt/ make me feel like vomitting etc but I can get through it, that the pain is temporary, the feelings of uncomfortableness will subside and I won’t feel like death for very long.

Someone remind me of this post in a few weeks when I’m bricking it again! haha

H x



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