Best decision ever, FACT!


Pretty sure that starting this journey was the single best decision I have made in a long time.

Obviously losing weight is great. But having something else to think about other than work, being able to be interested in something and talk about it, is so important for me. A wise man once told me to be an authentic leader you need to be an authentic person. What that means is you need to have interests etc outside of your job. If all you focus on is your job you stop being real and then you struggle to be an effective leader and in my case an effective teacher.

Eating healthily and fuelling my body with nutrients and things it needs rather than just cutting down on what I eat has made me feel so much better in myself. I look at pictures from before and it surprises me (still) how ill I looked, puffy, red faced, almost like I am not breathing properly.

I haven’t used my inhalers in months. I was diagnosed as asthmatic while I was on maternity leave. Getting fit, eating better etc means I have stopped using them, I am pretty sure that is no coincidence!

At the moment I am thanking my lucky stars that somewhere I found the motivation to really go for it on this journey. I am not sure why or how I’ve managed to keep going BUT I do know one thing, I would have been piling up some serious health problems by now!

So I look at the image above and think, yes good decision. (Although I still can’t do a handstand!)

H x

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