The government frustrate me!

I was listening to the radio earlier and heard a report about rising obesity levels in the UK and the idea that the government were looking at producing some anti-smoking style adverts to tackle obesity.

As someone who was labelled “severely obese” when I started this journey I can tell you now, the government spending thousands of pounds on producing “shock” adverts will not work! I wasn’t ready to listen until I was ready in myself. No amount of moaning at me, encouraging me etc from my parents, my doctor, my friends etc would have made me want to lose weight until I was ready.

I needed to be mentally ready. I needed to be in that place where I was making the decision myself and I was ready, I wanted to sort myself out and I wanted to invest my heart and soul in to it. Because honestly that is what I have done. I have emotionally invested in this journey now. That is why it matters to me so much to keep going. It isn’t about money or time. It is about me, making changes, becoming a fitter and healthier person, physically and mentally. No amount of government campaigns or incentives would have made me ready for that. I’ve had to let go of quite a lot of habits that characterised me. I’ve had to put my trust in my personal trainer, I’ve had to believe in him, believe that he would guide me in the right way and then I’ve had to give it my all. And for the most part that has worked and I’m heading to where I want to be. I still have a way to go but I have that self belief.

So it saddens me that the government think that a few adverts will help. They won’t. They’d be better investing the money in helping people identify and dealing with the issues that are causing obesity, social impacts, economic impacts etc Not a poster that says “ooh you’re obese, you will die younger”. I guarantee most obese people will know the risks, their doctor will hammer them every time they go. But the short term gain they get from eating what they eat and no exercise to them will outweigh the risks.

And anyway, I am sick and tired of the focus being on weight loss! It needs to be about fitness, health and nutrition. Get those right and the weight will take care of itself!

No one can tell you when you are ready for your own journey, only you will know that one. But I honestly believe you won’t be ready until you examine WHY.

H x

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