Why swimming doesn’t do it for me anymore…

This time last year I was all about the swimming. I’d just started a regime of swimming lengths 2 or 3 times a week. After a while I decided to join the gym. Not because I had any intention of changing my regime but because my local leisure centre was doing my nut in, so I thought by paying to go to a gym, I’d have access to a nicer pool, a sauna and jacuzzi.

My attitude towards weights was “that is what big hairy men do, I don’t want to look like that Jodie Marsh now she’s got in to bodybuilding thanks!”. My attitude towards circuits was “I just can’t!”.


My thinking was, stick with swimming. I’ve been able to swim since I was about 5. I’m not a bad swimmer, not particularly fast but I have a reasonably good stroke and can swim a fair number of lengths.

But then in April my delve in to working with a personal trainer changed all that. My attitude to weights has changed. I know they are an excellent method to support fat loss, I know they are bloody hard, I know I like the challenge of trying different things and importantly I know that women lifting weights does not = body building physique, but they are excellent for toning and trust me, I needed a fair bit of toning.

Circuits give me such a buzz, I find them hard, but I enjoy the challenge. I feel they work and they can be so varied. I think that is the key to success, varying what you do and circuits allow me to do that.

I have talked in the past how I struggle to switch off from work and circuits allows me to do that. I am REALLY struggling with switching off at the moment. But for a change I thought I’d give swimming a go and I’ve realised swimming doesn’t give me the challenge I need anymore.

1) When a pool is busy it is impossible to get any speed up and really push yourself.

2) Doing lengths just feels like going through the motions, it doesn’t challenge me, in fact, it bores me.

3) It gives me too much space to think. Because it isn’t challenging me, I have too much time to think. When you have trouble switching off, that really doesn’t help.

Weights and circuits seem to require so much more concentration. Making sure you are positioned correctly, making sure the movements are accurate and then because it is so challenging, talking yourself through the reps, trying to get to the end. You don’t have time to think or worry about anything else.

Maybe I just never push myself hard enough at swimming? But the pool is so busy, it is impossible to anyway.

I pretty much guarantee if I hadn’t started working with a PT, and carried on swimming, I would have jacked it in by now.

Thank god for that free trial session!

So at this point in time, swimming just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

H x

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