Photos of myself…

Christopher is having a massive clear out and as part of this he has decided to ebay his Blackberry Playbook. He was clearing off the photos and stumbled across this little gem:

Excuse the slightly gormless look...
Excuse the slightly gormless look…

So aside from the fact I look a bit special, LOOK AT THE SIZE OF ME!

Now Christopher was a bit worried about showing me this picture, he thought I wouldn’t like it. But whilst I don’t like it, I don’t like it at all! It has served a couple of purposes.

1) It’s reminded me how far I’ve come

2) It’s shocked me how big I was, but not just big, how unwell I looked

3) It has spurred me on to get a grip of my nutrition and exercise post Christmas, I am NOT going back to THAT!

When this picture was taken (around Easter 2012) I wouldn’t have liked having my picture taken. Now I am not adverse to having my picture taken, although I can’t do much about the gormless look!


Onwards and upwards!
H x

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