Am I really THAT uneducated?

Sometimes my lack of food knowledge surprises even me!

I decided to start 2014 as I mean to go on with a nice nutritious breakfast. Eggs, bacon and avocado! I’ve had this breakfast a few times over the course of my journey. Before I started I’d never eaten avocado, well I had but only in guacamole in Mexican restaurants and even then I wasn’t keen. But I’d certainly never eaten it on its own.

Eggs, bacon & avocado!
Eggs, bacon & avocado!

Now some people always express surprise that I am “allowed” to eat avocados as they are so high in fat. BUT I am reliably informed that it is good fats! They are also good for your skin and Lord knows I need all the helps I can get with my skin atm!

 Now the thing that winds me up about avocado is preparing them. First you have to split them, then you have to try and scoop the stone out (preferably without launching it across your kitchen and hitting the cat!) then I thought you had to scoop the flesh out of the skin.  But imagine my surprise when I read the packet this morning whilst waiting for my eggs to cook and I learnt that you don’t scoop the flesh, you peel them and what’s more the peel comes off really easily!!!! Why did no one tell me this before?? So much easier!

I can’t believe how much I DON’T know about food!

H x

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