Well it is a new one on me…

For many a year it has been fairly standard that my parents have bought me clothes for Christmas.

This usually results in a slight wave of upset and nausea for one of 2 reasons.


1) Mum buys the correct size but the number of the tag horrifies me


2) What mum buys doesn’t fit and I have to take it back and exchange for something bigger

This year though has been different. For the first time in FOREVER I am going to have to take some jeans back but this time I will be exchanging for a SMALLER size! Oh yes!

Yes I need a smaller size!
Yes I need a smaller size!

When I started on this journey back in April I was size 20, probably closer to a 22 if I am honest. But now I am a 14. (16 in the odd item)  Pretty chuffed with that.  

It is funny this journey. It’s a combination of the number on the scales going down and the number on clothes sizes going down and ultimately that was my original goal. But it has become so much more than that. It has now become about fitness, health, nutrition, mental wellbeing (wasn’t expecting that one at all!) and challenging myself.

It isn’t easy. Far from it. But for the most part I am enjoying it (ask me again after my first session with Jason after Christmas!)

H x

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