Over egging the pudding…

I’ve gone and done it. I’ve ignored my better judgement and now I am paying for it.

This morning I got up and had a slightly painful throat. I thought it was as a result of snoring (an unfortunate family trait that has not disappeared with my weight loss!). So I got up and put my new running top on and my heart rate monitor (i’m such an ICT geek!) that Christopher got me for Christmas and I went for a run.

Cobden Bridge
Cobden Bridge
The River Itchen
The River Itchen

It was cold, really, really cold!  I couldn’t feel my feet! After a few mins of running I was sweating like mad and didn’t feel cold anymore. There was a significant amount of mist coming off the River Itchen but the sun was shining and it was cold and crisp, perfect running weather. It felt good to get some fresh air and moving. I ran to Cobden Bridge. (which is about 1.25 miles from my parents house). I then ran about half way back and walked the rest. I couldn’t work out why I was slow and struggling. (But I realised this morning I had “run”/walked further than my first run!)

Pit stop!
Pit stop!

When I got back I had a really hot shower and then we went for a Boxing Day walk at Lee-On-Solent, a bit of fresh sea air to blow the cobwebs away.

Gradually my throat and ears started to hurt. As the day as gone on, I’ve felt more and more rubbish.

So there it is, I’ve finally succumbed to the lurge. A sign to rest up and take it easy for a bit. To be fair in the winter term I normally have umpteen colds etc and this is the first one this year. I am 100% sure this is down to being fitter, healthier and eating better. So I’ve not done too bad. I just hope the lurge disappears quickly!

H x

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