Sometimes you just need to rest


Sometimes well meaning friends and family will say “you need to slow down, you need to listen to your body”. For the most part I’ll ignore them. The aches and pains are all part of working hard in the gym.

Sometimes Jason will say “you need to listen to your body and recognise the difference between exercise making you feel uncomfortable and a genuine problem” and I listen to him.

This morning I am taking his advice on board.

My shoulders are sore from the TRX back rows yesterday. I dropped myself lower yesterday than I have done for a while, I was trying really hard not to be a wuss. But that’s ok, I expect to be sore.

But I’ve woken up dizzy and the feeling like I’m about to come clattering down with the lurge. My throat feels puffy. My head is fuzzy and I’m tired and run down. I think it’s my body’s way of saying, “time for a rest old love”.

So I’m going to do exactly that. Chill out, continue to eat well. (Steak for dinner tonight, that’s defo a win!) spend time with Imogen and Christopher). I had intended to go for a run this morning but it’s time to listen. Hopefully I can avoid this lurge that is lurking.

H x

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