Man Press ups

Every so often Jason introduces a new exercise that becomes my nemesis. This will be an exercise that I decide I can’t do, is beyond my capabilities, hurts too much/makes me want to vomit and generally I hate it!

It started with step ups with the medicine ball. Then burpees. Then anything involving a power bag. Next it was squat thrusters. Then goblet squats and currently it is man press ups!

Now when I first started doing press ups I had 2 issues. 1) I couldn’t do a press up 2) I couldn’t even support my own body weight on my arms let alone push myself up and down.

So Jason made me do girl press ups. (NB man press ups and girl press ups are not their proper names but they work for me) This essentially involves kneeling with your legs crossed at the ankles the performing a press up. A damn sight easier but in the early days still caused me difficulty.

Just recently Jason has started getting me to do proper man press ups. Gotta say I DETEST them! They REALLY hurt. They hurt my arms, my abs, and my back. Now the whole back thing I think is because I’ve not quite got the movement right but I’ll get there with a bit of practice. The biggest problem I have is not getting my thighs and body to go down far enough and parallel to the floor.

The 2nd biggest problem is convincing myself I can do them on my own. There is a world if difference having your personal trainer there telling you “keep going, just one more!” And correcting things if you’ve not got them quite right to trying to tackle them alone. In fact I’ve been avoiding them so far and sticking with girl press ups! I’ve not even wanted to try them on my own…

But today I’ve given them a bash. I’ve really concentrated on lowering my whole body to avoid back ache and dare I say it I am getting a tiny bit better at them. Still detest them though!

I wonder how long it will take till I don’t mind them?

H x

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