The problem with having a disaster day food wise…

Friday was a bit of a disaster food wise. I knew it was. I know exactly what I did wrong. I know why what I did wrong was not the best idea and I fully expected a bit of weight gain.

Pizza dough, fatty food = weight gain, every time. So when I got up yesterday morning I wasn’t surprised to have gained a pound overnight. “Fair cop gov’ ” I thought. And I set about making yesterday a much better day food wise.

I ate really well. Heaps of veg, fresh ingredients, snacking on fruit. I even made a salmon curry from scratch.

But the problem with having a disaster day with your food is it doesn’t just affect your the next day but it comes back to bit you the day after that! Yes people, despite eating properly yesterday I have still gained a pound overnight. #gutted

Fortunately I have moved on from the whole “well screw this even if I eat well I still gain, I might as well eat cake/chocolate/crisps/chips/pizza/burgers” etc I know the weight gain will more than likely be just a normal fluctuation. (I also know I shouldn’t weigh myself every day but I just can’t help it!) I also have a theory that if you have a big disaster it does affect your weight for 48 hours but I know others would disagree.

So today I just need to plod on. I need to stay focussed and keep eating well and trust that it will all come right in the end.

maltesers mcdonalds-Big-Mac-Extra-Value-Meals

Tomorrow we’re travelling to my parents for Christmas. This is a 4 hour drive. Normally I would consume a cinema sized bag of maltesers or minstrels by junction 36 of the M1 (for my American followers thats about 15 mins from my house!) but tomorrow I will be snacking on nuts, berries and fruit. Normally we go to a well known fast food chain about half way home. Tomorrow I will be taking my lunch in a BPA free container! Chicken is fine cold, Quinoa works well cold and I am not adverse to cold vegetables either.  Whilst I love eating clean/paleo I actually think tomorrow will be harder than I think because I’m breaking a habit, the habit of eating sweets and fast food. This is what I associate with going home, particularly at Christmas.  I just need to break that habit and expectation.  I can do it, I know I can but I think it will be a battle of wills.

H x

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