You know when you’ve pushed yourself…

“You’ll never work as hard on your own as you do in a training session with me” Jason has been saying this to me from day 1. Initially I thought he was just saying that to try and get me to buy more sessions with him haha and much as I would love 2 or 3 training sessions a week my bank manager says no! (Once Immie leaves nursery and I’m saving £800 a month in childcare Im on it!)

But he’s right. There is a huge difference between me trying to motivate myself and push myself to having someone next to me pushing me on. Things which anyone (not just me) might slack off on are speed, rests, form, reps etc.

But sometimes, just sometimes you get a workout where it all comes together and you are pushing yourself as hard as you can. You’re doing the reps, not cheating on rests, your form is good, you’re adjusting things to make things harder not easier, you’re smashing your times and YOU JUST KNOW you’re putting in 100%. These are THE BEST kind of workouts.

Today was one of those days.

I’ve worked so hard this morning. I knew it was going to be a good one. Some of the signs that I know I’ve done a good session

– I am literally dripping in sweat. It is running of my hair, down my face, my top has ridiculous tide marks. (attractive huh!)
– my face is bright beetroot red and my skin is boiling
– I feel like I may vomit
– I giggle at the end of the last circuit. For some odd reason when I’ve put in a good session it makes me giggle, endorphins maybe?
– Taking my sports bra off becomes the trickiest task ever because my arms feel like spaghetti
– The shower in the gym turns off before I’ve even run my hands through my hair because I need a few mins to just calm down
– I sing loudly in the car on the way home, I don’t know why! If i’ve had a rubbish session I tend to sit in silence.
– I want to go and do it again! Nothing like a good workout to motivate you and spur you on.

Knackered but happy!

Not all independent workouts are like this, not even all training sessions are like this. But they make you feel bloody awesome when you do pull one out the bag like it. I suppose the trick is to always aim for this, you might not always get there but at least aim for it.

H x

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