You are not a dog…

I’ve come to realise over the past 6 months that over my 32 years on this planet I have conditioned myself to reward myself with food.

“ooh I got a promotion, lets go to Pizza Slut”, “ooh I didn’t eat chocolate, fancy a curry?”, “Yay I lost a lb, chippy tea?” “Today ends in y, want a kebab?”

Yes I can find any reason on earth to celebrate with eating crap food. So this week I was mega proud that on finding out I’d been awarded a pay rise, I DID NOT order a takeaway. Nope I had a lovely huge piece of sirloin steak with sweet potato and roasted veg. It was delicious. It took a bit of willpower but I’m glad I didn’t buckle.

I reckon it will still take me a while to ditch the whole “reward with food” culture that is deeply embedded in my brain, but I am getting there.

Maybe I can buy a new Radley handbag instead?

H x

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