Who knew running would be so emosh?

When I was 14 or so, my form tutor at school insisted I had to represent the form for 300m at sports day. I was horrified at the thought. I really didn’t want to do it, I felt sick days before. (I was the kid who did everything to get out of PE, why would I want to run!?) So I took part in the heats except half way through disaster struck, I realised that if I carried on at the pace I was running I would qualify for the final and have to run in front of the whole school. So I slowed down on purpose ensuring I finished 2nd to last so I didn’t qualify. “ah never mind its the taking part that counts” said my idiot of a form tutor. No mate, if you had any understanding of your pupils and what they were about you would have realised forcing me to enter that race was the worst idea ever.

Ever since then I have had issues with running. I have convinced myself I can’t run!

Back on the 30th October I posted this “So this week when Jason suggested I should give running a go, I didn’t think “f**k off I don’t run”, I thought yeah, maybe.  I’m not entirely sure how to run outside (sounds daft!) I need to psyche myself up to it but before Christmas I am going to give running outside a go.”

And today was the day I did it! I’ve been talking myself up to it for the last 2 weeks.

I waited until it was dark (less chance of people staring at me). I put on my trainers and joggers, grabbed Christopher’s hi-vis jacket and my water bottle, installed RunKeeper on my iphone and I ran. First hurdle, getting out the door, done! 2nd hurdle was to get past the group of teenagers on the corner of our street, they didn’t seem to bother too much about me though.

3rd hurdle running up hill past Sainsbury’s, so far so good. I wasn’t sure how far I would go or for how long, I just thought I’d see how it went. I nearly fell over when I heard someone talking behind me, I thought I was about to be mugged, then realised it was RunKeeper telling me some stats hahaha

In the end I ran to just past where Dard’s used to be (half way to Cudworth if you are from Barnsley), then I ran back. Coming back was so much harder, but I only walked to cross the road (didn’t think tripping in the road would be the smartest move) other than that I ran all the way. RunKeeper tells me I ran 1.78miles in 21.20. I don’t know much about distances or times. But I am guessing it’s not that far or particularly fast but the important thing is I did it. I didn’t deck it, vomit or cry. I’m still alive, sweaty, but alive. Now I know I can do it, I can build on it. I can aim to go longer and faster.

I think the thing that has shocked me the most is I ran for 21 mins. On the treadmill in the gym back in May I was struggling with 6 mins. My fitness is definitely improving. I actually feel quite emosh about this little achievement, who’d have thought.

H x

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