Turns out I do have a competitive streak…

I’ve never been one for competing against others, particularly competitive sports. I detested it in PE at school. I wasn’t one of the sporty girls at school and I found things like netball, hockey etc abhorrent! I’ve always told myself I hated it.  This is an issue I’ve carried with me in to adulthood and it displays itself in a number of ways, usually underselling myself!

So imagine my surprise when today I found a little bit of my competitive streak lurking away in the depths of my mind. I’ve been working on a new circuit which at the moment feels totally vile, its hard, it makes me sweat, makes me feel nauseous and I kinda like it.

When I went through this circuit at my last PT session I took 27 mins 35 seconds to complete 3 circuits of 8 exercises (15 reps per circuit and including 2 x 2 min rests) When I tried the circuit myself the next day I took about 36 mins! A horrific time, and I was a bit narked with myself but I vowed to do better. When I tried again on Friday I was 29.45 including the rests, better but still over 2 mins slower.

Jason has always told me that you never push yourself as hard on your own as you do when your PT is there. So tonight I thought, stuff that, I’m going to smash it. So I repeated my circuits and tonight ladies and gentlemen I pulled out of the bag a time of 23 mins 2seconds!

Now it should be noted at this point I had to leave the TRX out because someone else was using it at the start of my circuits but even if I allowed 1 min per set on the TRX which for me would be reasonably slow that would still be 26 mins 2 seconds which would be just over 1&1/2 mins quicker than my PT session time. So I think ladies and gents you could say I smashed it out the park. YES *air punch*.

So next time the plan is to do all 8 exercises including the TRX at a time of 26 mins or less. No probs right?

So there you have it, I’ve caught myself being a little bit competitive with myself. New territory that.

H x

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