Try something different…

My name is Helen and I’m a chocoholic !
Since I’ve started on this complete lifestyle overhaul I have tried lots of new foods. Some more successfully than others.
Tuna steaks
Sweet potato
Peanut Butter
Pine nuts
Raw tomatoes
Greek yoghurt
Actually that’s not bad at all really.
I have definitely broadened my pallet and my repertoire of recipes. I cook pretty much everything from scratch (except the occasional treat meal!)
But the one thing I struggle with is not eating chocolate. Don’t get me wrong I have cut down a hell of a lot, it has been known in the past for me to eat 3 chocolate bars in one day (!) now I’m on about 1 a week.
I’ve had a very long conversation with a good friend at work who tells me if you cut out all the refined sugars like chocolate your pallet changes and you almost learn to love natural flavours again. For sure I find fruit especially now tastes sweeter but I still have the dirty habit once a week.
The other thing I miss is chocolate flavoured items, cakes, biscuits etc. so imagine my delight when I found a recipe for paleo chocolate torte.
A nutty base made with pecans, maple syrup, coconut oil and cocoa powder. Then topped with a chocolate mouse made with chocolate chips (a treat!) Cocoa powder, maple syrup and avocado. Yes that is right, avocado!
This torte is rich, chocolatey and delicious. It tastes indulgent. Who’d have thought avocado could taste so good?!
I’ve road tested this on my parents and Christopher and I think they were shocked at how amazing this torte tastes. Not going to lie, even I was surprised.
Avocado and chocolate sounds rank but it honestly works!
This time last year I’d never eaten an avocado.
So all I can say is, go on, try something different. You might be surprised!
H x

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