Those little voices in my head can get lost…

Friday’s is always a funny day for me gym wise.

I don’t start school till 10am on a Friday but due to a mad rush to get the house tidy for the cleaner, I end up having to stop at home till about 9ish just putting things away etc. So I don’t go to the gym in the morning. Then my timetable means I teach either 6 lessons or 4 lessons, 3 of which are back to back from 1.15 – 4.15. People outside of teaching won’t realise but that is physically and mentally demanding, especially the 6 lesson day. So come Friday evening I am usually knackered.

Today needed to be a gym day. I didn’t go yesterday due to a late INSET session and I hate missing 2 days in a row. But over the course of the afternoon my bottom left wisdom tooth started to make a bid for freedom again. By 4.15 my gum was inflamed and I sounded ridiculous. (might explain the dizziness over the past couple of weeks though!)

I seriously considered not going to the gym, why would I want to do circuits when I feel so crap? A little voice in my head was saying, go home, get 45 mins sleep before Imogen comes home, you can just go tomorrow. But for once I didn’t pay any attention. I downed some ibuprofen and paracetamol and dragged myself in. I am glad I did. My circuits were so much better than Wednesday. Still not fast enough but significantly better. I got through the 15 reps. It hurt and I thought the vein in my neck might explode my pulse was that fast and I was quite clearly the sweatiest person in the gym by a country mile! But by the end I felt good, mainly because I’d done it.

Now just to get my time down and stop faffing about when doing burpees!

H x

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