Sweaty Betty!

One of the things that always makes me chuckle at the gym is seeing girls in full make up, perfect hair, paying lip service to exercise. Picking up the smallest of dumbbells, and doing something with them. Small dumbbells aren’t a problem IF they are pushing you and taking you forward but if it’s easy then it’s not adding anything to your workout.

And that may sound a bit pious of me but it is true. I know that sweating feels about the most unattractive thing ever but I know if I don’t sweat it isn’t doing me any good.
I do NOT look good after a proper session in the gym. I look beetroot faced, sweaty and like I’m possibly about to collapse. And as much as it pains me, just to prove my point this is what I looked like last night (20 mins AFTER my session finished!

Now I sweat at the gym, A LOT! I usually in my head measure how I’ve done by whether I can see sweat patches on my gym clothes. Recently this has been EVERY SINGLE TIME. It makes me feel rank but makes me feel good at the same time. Last nights PT session was no exception. I think I was sweating from every single pore, it was very attractive. But I know it was doing me good.

The only downfall of being a sweaty Betty is that my gym kit stinks. Literally it is the most disgusting thing ever! But because my gym kit is loaded with Lycra (keeps the wobbly bits from jiggling too much!) I can’t boil wash it. So Christopher bought me some of this stuff:
Halo Sports Wash is my saviour! (I’m sure other brands are available!) I am also told a few drops of tea tree in your wash work too but I CBA to faff about. This stuff smells off tea tree and every time I use it my gym kit comes out smelling absolutely fine again! Good job too as it was getting expensive to keep binning stuff after 2 months!

H x

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