Sssh I secretly enjoyed todays session…

So today’s training session has been centred around the big scary weights area with the big hairy men. Not going to lie, I really enjoyed it! It still scares me silly, I still doubt my capabilities BUT I find it challenging and it is something I feel I can make progress with. There were definitely some blokes eyeing my suspiciously though. Maybe they were worried I’d show them up 😉 LOL joke!

It started with using the squat rack. We’ve not used the squat rack for a few weeks and that barbell felt heavy, heavier than I remember! Then we added some weights (10kg at each end I think) but that just felt ridiculous, I thought I was going to fall over, so we went back to nothing, just the bar, that felt much safer. We tried with the 5kg (I think) weights later that was better but still ridiculous!

Then we had a go at the Romanian deadlift with a barbell. I still find the hip hinges hard going, they require so much concentration, trying not to bend at the knees but still going down far enough, not dropping the shoulders etc. BUT I think I am slowly getting it.

Then the bit I’m most chuffed with. I did man press ups. I beat my previous record of 3, by doing 10 whole man press ups. (followed by 10 girl ones!) Yep I did 10 actual proper press ups. Not very elegantly I might add and probably a lot to improve on my technique BUT I did them! #progress!

Then reverse lunges, why is backwards so much harder than forwards? Why does my brain struggle to compute these? I can do them, they just feel very slow at the moment.

Finally we had a dabble using the T Bar Row. Now the T Bar Row makes good use of the boobs out/bum out approach but then just to make it feel even more obscene you add in pulling up and down a massive metal bar between your legs. Now maybe I hang out with teenagers too much but this just creases me up. Even now thinking about it it makes me giggle, I can’t help it!

I’m not even sure how many circuits I did tonight?? But it felt good.

So today’s training session was a good one, I feel motivated, tired and sore but motivated.

H x

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