One day it will be my warm up!

It is amazing, Friday I undertook the toughest PT session so far, it hurt mentally and physically. Friday night I was having a massive confidence dip.

Today I have woken up itching to go to the gym, because I pushed myself further than I have done before on Friday (with a bit of shoving from Jason!) I feel like when I go in today I’ll be able to tackle anything, it is a very motivational feeling!

So it got me thinking. On Friday one of the things that made me freak out the most (aside from the burpees!) was the step ups with 2 x 16kg kettlebells. There was a lot of huffing, puffing, groaning, moaning and swearing. I find step ups really hard. Not sure why, apart from my fitness levels, I always feel like I am about to deck it at any moment. But on Friday I did 20 step ups (10 per leg) in each circuit.

I remember a time about 7 months ago when my circuits included step ups with a medicine ball, (not sure how heavy but definitely not as heavy as the 2 blue kettlebells I am using now). I could only managed 3 or 4 without having to stop/pause. After a week or so we had to ditch the step ups (and lunges) because my knees were in tatters. Aside from the fact my general fitness levels were not great,  I was that overweight my knees couldn’t cope with the strain.

It’s taken a while but I am now at a point where I can do step ups and lunges without my knees being affected.

My fitness levels are a million times better than they were in April/May. I reckon if I tried the original step ups now with a medicine ball, I’d have no problems, infact I won’t try them as they wouldn’t push me now!

Christopher has noticed too. Last week we took Imogen for a walk in the woods, inevitably half way round she wanted carrying, Christopher carried her for a bit, but was moaning his back hurt. So I put Immie on my shoulders and powered up the big hill, not stopping.

Last year I wouldn’t have been able to carry her up the hill, infact me just walking on my own I would get out of breath and had to stop to rest several times whilst walking up the hill! Now I can do it with no stopping carrying a nearly 16kg 3 year old (thats just a bit more than a powerbag!) It is little every day observations of differences to my fitness that I love.

So I just wonder at what point I’ll ever get to a point where burpees are just nothing to me? 😉

H x

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