Nobody can do it for you…

I don’t know what is wrong with me at the moment.

Exercise is no longer the issue (never thought I’d ever say that!) but food is. I have the breaking strain of a kit kat when it comes to food at the moment.

From June till September I did really well with my nutrition. I massively changed my lifestyle, I was eating clean, eating healthy. Since mid September I have struggled, struggled big time. No matter how much I plan for eating clean, I seem to slip on an almost daily basis. Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners are generally fine. It’s snacks. I am hungry ALL the damn time.

Before anyone asks the question I am eating enough in my main meals. I know what I should snack on (berries, nuts, seeds, fruit etc) but assuming I can be arsed, they just don’t hit the spot. I’m finding cakes, biscuits and chocolate are what I am wanting. Now fortunately because the rest of my eating is fine, I’m not massively sabotaging my weight loss (I’m stuck at around 12st 3) but I know the sugary, fatty snacks are not nutritious or good for me nor do they fill me up long term.

I just feel really weak willed atm. Now I could blame the stress of work, being tired, not having time etc Simple fact is they are all excuses, only I can be responsible for what I eat. I need to gain back some of the resilience I had earlier in the year.

Interestingly this ridiculous lack of willpower, also coincides with a massive dip in my confidence. I find myself feeling sad and teary. I suspect there is a link. But I know long term this way of eating doesn’t make me happy, so why the bloody hell do I keep doing it???

I am at a loss as to how to kick start myself again, I need a bloody big kick up the arse, before I start to really wreck all my hard work. Nobody is going to do it for me, only I can solve this little problem.

H x

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