“Miss you look really tired, get more sleep!”

It is well documented that I am feeling the pressure of being a full time working mummy, wife, gym addict.

So imagine my delight when my tutor group at school today said “Miss you look really pale, drained washed out and tired. You need more sleep!” Er yeah thanks kids, what you actually mean is I look like s**t.

There seems to be a hell of a lot going on at the moment and I am tired, really tired. I know I need more sleep. But it just isn’t happening. By the time I finish marking, planning etc it is often 11pm, 12am, sometimes 1 – 2am!!! I just crawl in to bed and Christopher is snoring or Immie wakes up, it takes me ages to wind down. If I drop off within an hour it is a good night!

Jason mentioned yesterday that I need more sleep and not just more sleep but regular sleep. Apparently lack of sleep raises cortisol levels which in turn can help contribute to weight gain.

Perfect. Just perfect. Not only is food an issue now sleep too?

Don’t get me wrong I’d love to go to bed at 9.30pm but I need to get the work done. Before Immie I would have done the work during the day at weekends, but it just doesn’t happen. She is in nursery all week, weekends are her time. But the workload is still the same, so the only way to make it work is to work in the evenings.

I can’t envisage this getting any better for about 10 years! UGH

I need to work out how to work smarter so I can get more sleep or I’ll never get anywhere!

Right best go do some marking 😦

H x

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