It’s the most wonderful time, of the year…

I am 1/2 a day (2 lessons and a department standardisation meeting) away from the Christmas holidays. YEEHAH!

I am very very very excited (apart from all the marking I have got to catch up on)

But I have one little niggle. Christmas is synonymous with over-indulgence, how on earth am I going to not totally destroy my nutrition and fitness??

The problem is 2 fold.

1) I will be away over Christmas, so less control over food. Plus Christmas is full of lots of naughty foods.
2) Because I am away I won’t be able to get in to the gym until the New Year.

Now I know what you’re all thinking, “it is Christmas, surely you can relax a bit” and I know what Jason’s thoughts on this will be BUT I am still concerned.

So here is the plan.

1) Enjoy Christmas food but without going totally crazy. Christmas dinner is meat, veg etc anyway! Maybe make some of my favourite paleo type snacks so I feel like I’m having a treat but without resorting to single handedly eating a family size box of just Brazils in one go.

2) Running and Tabata. I did some tabata over the summer when I went to Cyprus. Pretty sure I can just reuse that a few times. Also, my parents live opposite a huge park. I’ve done 1 outside run before, maybe I could have a bash round the park. I “think” I’m being realistic. It is one week. I’m not going to go back to what I was this time last year. But equally I want to do some damage limitation.

Me Christmas 2012
Me December 2013

I want to start January 2014 in a position to make progress, not in a position of shifting half a stone that I’ve already lost once before.

H x

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