I’m not too old for Topshop, right?

I’m not too old for TopShop right??

So far I’ve talked a lot about the “journey” I’m on. The things I’m doing, what I’ve found hard and what I love. But today is all about the positives, the benefits and the things that have changed for the better.


My shoes now fit better. Before I was having to buy size 7 and quite often wide fit just to accommodate my puffy fat feet. Now I am buying size 6&1/2 and normal width. I also have bought my first pair of knee high boots in about 7 years! They actually do up round my calfs! I have missed knee high boots. I am also wearing heels again. I never realised but I’d stopped wearing heels. The reason being I was so overweight it was putting too much pressure on my feet. Less weight = less pressure = back wearing heels.

Wedding & Engagement Rings:

When I was about 7 – 8 months pregnant with Imogen I had to take off my wedding and engagement rings as they had become too tight. I assumed that once I’d had the baby they’d slip right back on. WRONG! As my weight ballooned there was no way they were going to fit. So about 38 months after I had Imogen (3 months after I started the personal training) they finally fitted again!

No joint pain:

At my heaviest my joints were starting to give me a lot of pain. Primarily my right hip and my knees. “You need to lose weight” said my doctor, “yeah yeah, easier said than done” I replied.  I’d assumed that  I was heading for a hip replacement, mother and grandmother have both had them, but at 32 I thought I was possibly a little young!!!! Turns out losing the weight = pain gone. So probably have a few years left in me yet before I need a hip replacement! The only pain I get now is muscle pain when I have been trying something new at the gym, but that is a good pain.

Shopping in different shops:

For the past 5 years or so I had been shopping in Evans. Only Evans. Nothing wrong with Evans, they do some lovely clothes for larger women BUT they aren’t super trendy and being limited to one shop is not ideal. Today I bought a dress, not just any old dress but a Topshop dress. I haven’t shopped in Topshop in over a decade. Not only did I go in on my own (intimidating!), I picked something, I paid for it and then when I tried it on at home it fitted AND looked pretty good! You have no idea how unbelievable this feels. I can shop in skinny minny shops! (we’ll gloss over the fact I was the oldest person in the shop and dismissed half the clothes as being too weird!)

Walking to the corner shop:

I hadn’t realised I was avoiding going to the corner shop. I would always make an excuse to drive to Tesco to avoid walking to the shop (literally a 5 minute walk!) Now I can walk to the corner shop without thinking about it AND without getting out of breath.

Climbing the stairs at school:

The school where I work is MASSIVE! Some blocks are 4 storeys high. I can now walk up all 4 flights without getting out of breath (just about!) and without my thighs feeling like they are going to explode.


I have NEVER had as many compliments about how I look in my life. Loads of people compliment me on my weight loss. Friends, family, colleagues and pupils. I have had colleagues who I don’t really know very well approach me and say how well I am looking. People ask me about what I am doing, they are surprised and interested. I love it (although I am getting a massive head!)

Soft Play:

Last year I took Immie to a soft play centre in Sheffield. Soft play, for those of you without small children, is like Pat Sharps Fun House (off of the 80s, if you are too young to remember this, youTube it!) Soft play for the overweight parent is like hell on earth. It makes you hot, sweaty and you get stuck in things. (I nearly got stuck in between 2 rollers!) Since I have lost weight I am able to get round soft play without sweating (too much) and without getting stuck on things. It is still hell on earth but that is because of other people’s children, not because I am a fatty!


I’ve never had muscles before, well I have (other wise I’d be a jelly fish or something!) but I’ve never had defined muscles. My arms and legs are now beginning to look toned and I love it! I sit in my car at traffic lights, tensing my arms just to check the muscles are still there. I lay in the bath raising my leg to check those muscles out. (yes I know that makes me sound ridiculous!) I love it though. It is a sign that I’m heading the right way. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to be some female incredible hulk type but I do enjoy working on building up my strength (as an aside I nearly crushed the Occupational Health worker’s hand today when he was testing my strength LOL). Now if I could get my stomach and abs to catch up I’d be a happy lady!

Rolls at the hairdressers:
Yesterday I went for my hair cutting. I went mad and had it all chopped off and dyed. It looks fab, I love it! (Thanks Auntie Mary!) But one of the best things was being able to sit facing a mirror for 2 & 1/2 hours without having to stare at double, triple even quadruple chins!


Whilst I was on maternity leave I was struggling with breathing and a persistent cough. The nurse at my doctors surgery diagnosed asthma, exacerbated by cold weather. Except it turns out losing weight, getting fitter and healthier I haven’t used my inhaler for months! In fact I haven’t been ill in ages (watch me get a cold now!) I am pretty sure I am not asthmatic and that it was all weight and health related, we’ll have to wait for the cold weather to really see but either way health wise I feel a billion times better!

So lots of positives! Roll on shifting this last bit of weight, toning up some more and more importantly getting even more fit and healthy!

H xx

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