I will beat her…

This is one of my favourite images from Pinterest. In recent months I have spent an unhealthy amount of time looking at “fitness motivational quotes” on Pinterest. Some speak the truth and some make me laugh.
This particular image strikes a chord with me because I do constantly feel like I am overcoming an old version of me. I feel like I now know ‘I CAN’ beat her. I know that she has had the upper hand for too long and that this time I’m going to win.
The last few weeks have been a bit flat I guess. I’ve struggled with the food, not because I dislike the eating clean/paleo but because of time. That age old gripe. Too much work on, too tired, need food, CBA to peel veg and cook.
So this weekend I am taking matters in to my own hands.
I’m going to cook all my meals for the week (dinner and lunch!) over Saturday and Sunday. I’m going to portion them up, put in tupperware (I am queen of tupperware!) and freeze. I can get then get them out in the morning/night before. No excuse. Reheats are quicker than takeaway!

Gym wise I am going to have a bash at my new circuit but I’m going to up the reps by 1 rep each time. Build it up. Last night I did 10 reps. If I went straight to 15 I know mentally I would struggle. But 11 seems feasible. Then the next time 12, etc.

Also we talked last night about whether I am maybe going to the gym too frequently. This is frustrating. In the summer hols I was going 5/6 times a week, but with no work to worry about it was easy. Now I’m back at work, planning, marking, analysis etc is piling up. I’ve been aiming for 5 sessions a week but realistically that isn’t happening, then I get narked at myself. Stress doesn’t help.  So I am aiming for 3 sessions + 1 training session. Hopefully a bit of realism will get me back on track.

The old me is not going to get one over on me!

H x

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