I needed a positive PT session…

Thank the Lord!!! After a rubbish few days I have finally had a positive training session.Not going to lie, I’ve felt very low these past few days and the thought of doing a session with Jason tonight made me feel very uneasy. Not uneasy because of working with him, uneasy because I wasn’t sure mentally I would be up to it and how I might react to a bit of pain and hard work.

Fortunately, it went well, I think. Did some weights in the big scary weights section with the hairy men. Worked on my deadlift with the barbell which is slowly but surely improving. My goblet squats felt good tonight. Did some tricep dips tonight too, not done any of those for ages! They burned, BUT I’d forgotten how when I first started all this I could only manage about 5, now I can pull out 15/20 without too much thought.  Then we did some kettlebell deadlifts, burpees (found these a killer today), kettlebell swing and finally some back rows on the TRX.

Jason is trying to convince me to take the back rows a bit lower. The “advantage” (if you can call it that) is, it makes it harder, so you have to work harder to pull yourself up. The disadvantage is I have a constant fear that I will lose grip and fall on my arse. Jason promised to catch me, hmmmmmmmm all 12st 3 of me? haha So I gave it a go, not convinced my trainers grip the carpet right though, constantly felt like I was slipping, oh that and the fact it’s really hard hefting my carcass up LOL.

After the session we had a good discussion about food. I confessed to a few massive blips, no point in pretending. Jason has managed to make me think about how I tend to focus on the negatives, not just with what I do in the gym and food, but also in everything else I am doing. Certainly these past few days have been really tough and I think I’ve been so focussed on how crap I feel about everything I couldn’t see the wood for the trees.

I’ve come out feeling a lot more positive about the gym, nutrition and even how I’m going to cope with the stress of work etc Amazing how just a little bit of positivity and focus can make you feel a billion times better.

Personal trainer = worth every single penny.

H x

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