I LOVE burpees, kind of…

“Ok do some burpees” said Jason, “you what?” I said. 6 months ago, I’d never heard of burpees.

Burpees are an exercise sent from Satan himself.

I am told they are very good for you. For those of you unfamiliar with burpees here is a short youtube clip. (I was going to video myself, obviously being so awesome at burpees and all that but I didn’t want you to be jealous of my amazing skills)  😉

Burpees make my thighs hurt, they make me hot and sweaty, they make me nauseous AND I am always slightly concerned I may deck it and smack my face on the floor.

My burpees aren’t quite as refined as this. Every now and then Jason insists on showing me how proper burpees are done, just to remind me that at some point we might need to attempt proper ones. But for now I do “girl burpees” which are a bit (ok a lot!) less parallel and close to the floor and have slightly (ok a lot!) less enthusiasm on the way up.

But I do love burpees, honestly I do. Why? Because when I started with Jason way back in April I could only manage 3. 3 burpees. In a circuit of 3 exercises I could do 3 in the first circuit, 2/3 in the 2nd circuit and maybe 1 if I was in a really feisty mood on the last circuit. They are really hard. (even my year 11 pupils are impressed I do them!)

So why do I love them? Because to me, burpees signify progress. On a good day now, I can do 15 in a row without stopping (just about), 3 times over. I’m pretty sure on a really good day, if I really focussed I could do more. This is progress, mentally I don’t even think about 10+ burpees now, I just do them. (mostly!) Physically I am fit enough to manage 10+ burpees. I ‘COULDN’T” manage more than 3 back in April.

In 6 months I have made a lot of progress, I think. I still have more progress to make and I really need to up the reps and possibly start trying “man burpees” but I’m heading in the right direction!

H x

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