How many expletives….


How many expletives can one girl utter at a pair of kettlebells? Answer: A LOT!

Much to my mother’s disgust, my language, at times (a lot of the time) can be fairly “colourful”. So it comes as no great surprise that during sessions at the gym the odd (ok a lot) of expletives often pop out of my mouth.

The current target of my verbal abuse is often the kettlebells. Or “bastard kettlebells” as I affectionately call them. Some might say if I have the energy to swear, then I could push myself harder. I say that uttering a few (a lot) of expletives is my way of getting through it. I have tried to tone it down a bit. Swear less, whinge less is my new motto. I “think” I am getting better (although others might disagree!)

I have noticed though the target of my expletives will vary depending on which exercise I am finding hardest. The powerbag took a lot of verbal abuse for a number of weeks and those dumbbells didn’t escape when I was doing dumbbell thrusters.

I also find I talk to myself a hell of a lot too. “Come on, 5 more reps, you can do this, stop being silly, for god sake man up” haha. These are all things I mentally shout at myself and often say out loud. To anyone else I probably look mental.

I wonder if other gym-goers swear as much and talk to themselves and inanimate objects? Or maybe I am just mental!

H x

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