For the past 6 weeks I have been suffering continuous headaches interspersed with migraines. I’ve always suffered with headaches and the odd migraine but not to the level of frequency I have been getting them now.

The doctor thinks they are stress related, (yeah thanks for that Doc!) and has prescribed some tablets that are next to useless. Other than that he’s just suggested I take ibuprofen and paracetamol. I’m not keen on continually taking painkillers, not with the frequency I now seem to be relying on them.

But tonight I am really narked. I’ve had a migraine lurking all day, I’ve taken the painkillers and thought I’d get myself to the gym and try and take my mind off it. 5 mins on the rower and BAM head is pounding.  The whole left side of my head is banging, especially over my left eye. So I’ve had to abandon my workout. GUTTED! I know people say “listen to your body” but seriously, for god sake,  how am I supposed to maintain any kind of form when this happens.

I’m so flippin’ mad!

People will say, get to bed earlier, get more sleep, get less stress etc but how do I even do that? I’d love to go to bed at 9pm tonight but Immie won’t be asleep till 8, I need to eat dinner and mark 30 Y7 books and sort 3 lessons for tomorrow.

I seriously can’t keep on with these headaches though. Can’t remember the last day I didn’t have a headache. 😦

Hoping I can get it under control and go to the gym tomorrow instead.

H x

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