Food triggers

I’ve spent a long time thinking about why I have a tendency to over eat crap food.

And I’ve come to the conclusion there are 4 reasons.

1) I’m hungry, this is easy to fix. If I am hungry I just need to eat healthy, nutritious  snacks. Fruit, nuts, seeds, berries etc.

2) Boredom. I can fix this by doing other things, going to the gym instead for example.

3) I just like food. This is relatively straightforward. I just need to make sure I find recipes that are healthy, nutritious and taste delicious. To be fair pretty much most things I have been eating for 8 months have been pretty good.

Then we come to the 4th reason. The one I am struggling with at the moment and the one that probably upsets me most.

4) Stress. There is no doubt about it, when I am stressed and sad  I eat and I eat rubbish. I try so hard to stick to healthy nutritious food but something happens. I don’t know maybe it is some instant kick I get from processed sugar and fats? I make myself so mad though. I know, I know what is right and what is wrong but when I am feeling low, and I mean really low like I am now something just happens, I binge and I binge on crap. This makes me feel even worse. I am struggling big style at the moment with a whole heap of things and I can feel bad habits slipping back in. 😦 I am supposed to be filling in a food diary for Jason, and I’ve now got to that awkward point where I am going to have to fess up to him what I’ve been eating. No point in lying, otherwise I’m just cheating myself and wasting the money I am paying him. But I feel so ashamed of myself and what I’ve eaten in the last 24 hours 😦 The only thing I am clinging to is it isn’t as total disaster as breakfast and lunch were fine today! Its like something snaps.

So, so down 😦

H x

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