Eat clean/paleo and lifting heavy things works!

So the massive plateau (read eating tons of crap and multiple takeaways in a week) is finally over.

I mentioned the 10 day challenge the other day that Jason set me. Eat clean/paleo for 10 whole days not slipping up, on day 11 I can have a treat. I feel so much more positive and focussed.

Well I’ve got up this morning, so after 3 full days, and the weight is dropping off again.

On Thursday 28th November I was 12st 5. I stayed like that most of the week I think, possibly even higher, although I didn’t step on the scales, as I knew it would be a disaster (#denial). But this morning I have stepped on and I am 11st 12. This is the lowest I have been on this journey.

Now I am trying (very hard) not to get too obsessed with the numbers on the scales BUT this has made me do a little dance this morning.

My focus now is improve my overall fitness and get a flat, toned stomach. I am not entirely sure the last one is even possible, I’ve NEVER had a flat, toned stomach, even when I was younger but I’m going to give it a good go. I’m on my way with it. If I tense my stomach muscles, my stomach is already getting quite firm. Just need to lose the excess flab and post-pregnacy(How am I still working on my post pregnancy tummy when Imogen is 3&1/2 years!?) overhang, which is already a billion times better than it was!

excuse the post-workout cod eye!

So it turns out the right food, combined with lifting heavy things in the gym really works. Do one without the other and it is never going to work.

H x

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