Do you know what really narks me off???

There you are having busted your ass in the gym, you’ve done your kettlebell burpees, you’ve done your kettlebell swings, sit ups, press ups etc etc You’re sweating like a glamorous pig, beetroot faced and boiling, your muscles are aching and you go for a shower. A nice, boiling hot shower to sooth those aches and pains away, a little bit of relaxation.

But no. The showers are not boiling hot and steamy. Oh no. They swing from scalding to freezing in a kind of 30 second cycle. Meaning you are hopping in and out of the water, whimpering and yelping.

FFS. I REALLY wish they would get the showers sorted. They’ve not been right since I joined back in March.

When I have worked hard at the gym, my body temperature plummets! I need a hot shower to warm me back up. I do not need a cold shower. Cold showers are never right.

This is obviously EXACTLY what I look like in the shower at the gym! 
H x

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