Coconut flour disaster


Today I have learnt that coconut flour is NOT a substitute for almond flour.

After a hideous couple of days at school, I thought I’d do some paleo baking to cheer myself up.  Stress and emotions make me eat. I love baking and the odd healthy sweet treat is often enough to stop me binging.

But there seems to be a nationwide shortage of ground almonds, so I thought I’d experiment with coconut flour. Coconut is something I never liked before till I started eating clean/paleo, but I love it now, so I thought this would work well.

I’d figure I’d make some coconut biscuits with dark chocolate chunks.

I poured in the ingredients and set my mixer on the case. But the mixture looked very dry. The recipe didn’t say to add any egg and most other recipes do so I added an egg, it was still too dry. So I added another, still too dry. After 3 eggs I should have twigged this was going the wrong way, the mixture just wouldn’t form a dough. 5 eggs later and it still was like crumbs. So I added water. Eventually I gave up and “squashed” the mixture together in to biscuits.  I put the first 9 biscuits in the oven and set a timer. After 10 mins of watching CBeebies I got my “biscuits” out the oven.

I instantly knew they weren’t going to be good. They looked raw in the middle and burnt on the outside. I tried one, 1 bite in and they tasted foul! Now I don’t bin food, ever (a total food issue of mine!) but even I’ve got to admit these are going in the bin.

So 5 eggs and some very expensive coconut flour wasted, not to mentioned a bar of high quality dark chocolate. To say I am heartbroken is an understatement.

Off to console myself with some peanut butter and carrot sticks.

H x

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