I’ve been thinking all day what to write about tonight. I could tell you about how I smashed my time in the gym tonight, which resulted in some slightly unhinged giggling.

But I think I’ll tell you about a slight issue I’ve been having since I started all this gym malarky and that issue is bras.

When I started all this fitness stuff my bra size was 46DD. The cup size I was never too worried about, my boobs always looked ok,  but the back size was massive!

I have 2 bra issues.

1) Sports Bras. Sports bras are REALLY expensive! Also high street shops do not stock anything over 38D. So if you are a larger girl, you are stuffed, yet ironically it is the larger girls that NEED the sports bras most! I ended up spending my birthday money on Sports Bras (from Amazon!), hardly the most exciting thing to buy, but oh so essential.

2) My 2nd issue is boobs shrinking. A lot of my body has shrunk. Not least my boobs. I’ve gone from 46DD to 36C. When I got pregnant with Imogen I stopped wearing underwired bras because they were uncomfortable. As I got fatter and fatter I found I couldn’t go back to wearing them. I convinced myself that manufacturers had changed the way they made bras and thats why they were uncomfortable, er no it’s because I was fat! My mother has always said that a decent bra can make you look slimmer as it, without being too graphic, lifts your boobs up!

I have found now I have lost weight I can wear underwire again, which has made a huge difference to how I look. BUT the issue I have is now non of my bras fit properly. I know I need to go to a shop and get measured again, which is a massive pain in the arse in itself. However, my issue is BRAS ARE REALLY EXPENSIVE! Decent bras cost a fortune, something I just can’t afford at the moment.

So if anyone would like to buy me some bras 36C, thanks!

H x

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