Boobs out, bum out…

That got your attention!

It probably doesn’t come as a massive surprise that I am not a natural athlete. Physical exercise does not come easily to me. Movements feel, at least until I get used to them, stiff and awkward.  It is probably why if I go out in town, dancing feels unnatural! My sense of balance is pretty terrible too. I’m getting better but it is tricky.

The biggest problem I have though is, that as an intelligent (well fairly intelligent) woman, I understand what I need to do BUT something just compute!

Take today. Today Jason has had me doing barbell deadlifts. Deadlifts are a move I am not unfamiliar with but I have mainly been working on a deadlift with kettlebells. A barbell is slightly different, arms on the outside of your legs instead of the inside seems to be the main difference. I watched Jason perform the lift, processing what I needed to do.

I obviously look as glam as this when I workout!

“Bend at the hips, use that hip hinge movement, don’t bend at the knees” he said. “Ok, lets give this a go.” What do I do first? Bend at the chuffin knees!

We had a few runs through, Jason talked me through it and demo’d it several times. I totally understood what he wanted me to do, but then something happens. It’s like my body won’t do what I need to do! It takes all my concentration and it feels like a million things I need to remember.

Essentially it is shoulders back, boobs out, bum out. (it actually is a little obscene really, especially if I bump in to ex-pupils in the gym!) But something just doesn’t click, it’s like my bum and boobs don’t want to cooperate!

I know i’ll get there and it will just take a bit of practice. It is just frustrating. It’s not that I don’t understand, it’s just I can’t translate that in to a physical movement LOL

H x

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