Back on it

It is well documented in this blog that I have experienced a massive blip since about mid September.

But I am back on it now. I know I am. You can just tell when you are on it and focussed.

  • I’ve had a couple of good sessions in a row and they’re making me smile again. I’m enjoying the soreness in my muscles rather than seeing it as a negative. Positive sessions = motivation. It is like a self perpetuating cycle, the better a session goes the more you believe you can do it and in turn the more you want to do it.
  • I’m focussed with the food. During the blip a long day at work would = chippy tea. But not tonight, tonight we’re making (I say we, I mean Christopher!) Paleo meatloaf. Yum yum!
  • I didn’t go to the gym tonight, 1) I am doing alternate days at the gym 2) I have got SHED LOADS of work to do. The fact I haven’t been tonight has really narked me off. I’m totally shattered and ready for my bed but I wanted to be in the gym having a bash at some kettlebell burpees. This is definitely a sign I’m back on it.
I look hot when I workout, in the literal sense, not the biblical sense -_-
So tonights plan is getting my lesson planning done for tomorrow, early night and get back in the gym tomorrow evening. Bring it on!
H x

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