Act cool, it’s fine, nothing to see here…

Lots of people manage to go to the gym without incident. They go, do their exercise, have a swim, maybe sit in the jacuzzi, have a go in the steam room, have a shower, go home.

Sometimes though things happen that make you cringe inside.

I am pretty clumsy. I have had 3 embarrassing incidents at the gym that I am going to share with you, just because they crack me up when I think about them and everyone needs a giggle on hump day.

I suffer from dizziness, sometimes it is worse than usual. (I don’t think it is gym related!) After a particularly bad bout of dizziness I was having a training session. I was feeling ok, doing a warm up on the treadmill. Now they ALWAYS tell you to wait for the treadmill to totally stop before you get off it. So what do I do? Press stop, the machine starts to slow down, but rather than waiting, I thought I’d let myself slide to the end and do a little casual jump off the end. Sounded fine in my head. What actually happened was I decked it and fell in a crumpled heap on the floor in front of several people with Jason asking me if I was ok and if I’d passed out!  Nope just decked it!

The 2nd incident involved a dumbbell, I must have been doing some manoeuvre lifting them above my head. As I bought the dumbbells back down, I smacked myself in the head! #fail!

Finally my particular favourite was doing a chest press on a swiss ball with a barbell. As I finished the exercise my lack of balance came in to play. I went to roll up and somehow fell off the swiss ball, on the floor with the barbell on top of me (Fortunately it wasn’t a very heavy one!) and  ended up with carpet burns on my elbows.  I thought I’d got away with it, only Jason had seen, he is very polite and didn’t laugh (too much)! But no, some old codgers passed comment, apparently it happens to everyone hahaha oh dear.

I hope that gives some of you a little laugh at my expense! 😉

H x

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